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Monday, January 10, 2011

Yarn Rocketships

I'm in a beautiful place in life: staying at home with my 9 month old, my preschooler and homeschooling my second grader. However, most days roll like ocean waves, high tide, low tide, clean dishes, dirty dishes, clean bottoms, dirty diapers, lesson 39, lesson 40, but something changes when I get out the hook and yarn...

Abby grabs her hook, too..."Mom, now that I can crochet a circle, how do I turn it into an earring?"

Reid marches like the tin man around the living room in my latest fingerless gloves, "Can these be mine and you make more for your friend? I want these to be my robot arms!"

It's like the mold is broken and we are all ready for something new to happen; to go somewhere new; to make a new game; to be alive in this moment.

Who knew we only needed a hook and yarn to transport us to the present?

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