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Saturday, February 20, 2010


So I thought I could add more to the last post, but maybe three pictures is too much? I'm still learning, so bear with me :) I was going to comment though, that I thought the paprika colored hat and matching headband would be perfect on two sisters. I could just imagine two little girls running around, one with a paprika headband with a sweet cream flower, the other with a paprika hat and the same flower. They may find homes in two separate places, but I'd love for them to go together. Just a secret little hope.

Melissa was wanting to find something fun that she could put her hands to and wowza, did she come up with a great idea! She calls them "Zoop Zoop" hats. When she first brought them over to show me, her son and my daughter ran around the house forever with these cute things on. Even better than the colors and shape was the movement of these hats! I just loved how the little monster-trumpet-looking guys jumped and bounced as the kids ran around! I really want one for Emery now.

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