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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's Walk in a Circle

Here I am again talking about lack of motivation. I think I may have a problem. Really, I think my motivation, inspiration, crafting comes in cycles. I work, work, work and then all of the sudden I am just done for a period of time. This period has lasted a little bit longer because of some personal circumstances/happenings, but some inspiration did come my way tonight in a very little package. A friend's wee man, Noah, decided he was going to come meet the world this morning (congrats micah and heidi!) and I started a little hat for him. After seeing Noah and visually examining his little head I think my hat may be a tad big, but that's okay. Babies grow so fast! I wish I had a photo of Noah and my hat so far, but the batteries in my camera died. Boo! I will try to get replacements asap and post a photo of two. I'm sure I'll hit another wall and be out of commission for a bit again, but remembering that it's just a season and within no time at all I'll be right back on the well worn path of productivity.


Amy said...

I think we all go through these cycles of creativity. I definitely prefer the times when I am feeling inspired and productive!

Keeperz said...

Yes, me too. I'm slowly getting back there. I know once the fall hits I will definitely go into super productive mode. Something about that crispy air...

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