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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Keeper from way back

It's not my usual post, but I think just for today, I'm going to toot my own horn.

11 years ago I came across some animal crochet patterns and with my sister's third baby on the way, I decided to try them out. It was my first crochet project beyond dishcloths, scarves and dread caps, and I was so excited. My sister had chosen a Noah's ark theme for the nursery, so I set out to make two monkeys, two giraffes and two elephants. Well, I had no idea how much time little animals took to crochet and sew together! I was able to finish two monkeys and two giraffes and had to call it quits.

I have a terrible memory when it comes to things I make, which makes no sense because while I'm making them, they are my heart and soul. But when I let it go, it's gone. So it was a real treat when my sister sent these little guys back to me when my first daughter was born almost 8 years ago.

Two monkeys and two giraffes have now passed from my niece to my daughter, to my first son, and finally to my second son. And guess what? They still look terrific! Dillon, by far, is the most attached to the little monkeys. He lights up when he spots one and carries it around for hours. Neither of my other children have ever been so attached at such an early age to a toy, and it makes me so happy that its the one I made all those years ago.

So, it must be said....Its a Keeper!

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