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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Custom colors in cotton, wool, and acrylic

Welcome to our customs page! Here you will find our in-stock colors for wool, cotton, acrylic and wool blends. Any item that we sell can be made any size, any color. Don't see your color choice here? Let us know and we will shop around to find exactly what you want!

Here's our cotton collection color swatches. We recommend cotton when you are interested in a soft feel, but not too concerned with warmth. Our cotton yarns are easy to clean and wear well, but we recommend storing them out of direct sun, as they can fade.

And this is our wool collection. This wool yarn has an amazing vibrance and feels super soft. It's Peruvian wool and requires a bit more care for cleaning, in order to prevent felting and shrinking. Wool is a great cold weather choice for hats, scarves or mittens as it repels water and is super warm.

This is our acrylic collection. Lots of colors to choose from and really easy care. We recommend hand washing to keep shape and the most color retention, but if it slips in the wash, it will come out just fine. Acrylic is not a natural fiber, but it is warm, soft, and beautiful!

Finally, our color section for bamboo-wool blend yarns. Eco-friendly natural fibers. The feel is very similar to cotton, but warmer. Vibrant colors.

We would love to whip up something wonderful just for you!

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