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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ravioli Recipies!

I love the internet for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorites is for looking up interesting ingredients and finding recipes to use them in. Of course, you can always find new recipes for old favorites, too.  One of my faaaavorite dishes is Ravioli, and I love to find new and interesting things to stuff in my ravioli, and interesting sauces to drown them in.

Last week, Bill made the following recipe I found online at the Food Network.  Apparently this is an Emeril Legassi recipe, but don't let that turn you away- it is DELICOUS!! (Okay- I am not a chef, or a cook, or even much of a water-boiler. So, my husband may have taken serious liberty with this recipe and I would have no idea. Just so you know.)  But, whatever he put on the table was inspired by this recipe and was fastastic!

(This is Emeril's picture. I don't have a picture of Bill's concoction, because I was starving and had a fussy baby on my hands!)

So, in honor of our delicious dinner, this weekend I created this adorable set of Felt Ravioli and Felt Sauce. My husband jokingly asked me what kind of ravioli they were, and I shouted, "butternut squash with a sage brown butter sauce!"

But probably not, as this is a red sauce. Maybe they are more like Portabello stuffed ravioli with Tomato Sauce like here
This guy's idea of cooking is to pull a bag of frozen ravioli out of the freezer and pop open a can of sauce! NICE!!

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