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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tic tac toe remake

Melissa here. This is my first blog! D is sleeping, R's playing with his pirates, and A's doing an Explode the Code lesson. So, here I am with a few minutes to myself and I thought I'd share my progress on the tic tac toe game set I've been working on.

I started with this set, but realized that I didn't need to create a checker board, so I've changed my board to a solid color with embroidered lines. I also decided to make the granny squares and O's two different colors, to make the two players pieces more distinct.

Right now, I have three complete tic tac toe sets, but I've been folding them up like wontons with a tie enclosure. Well, it really bugs me that children who use this game will likely not be able to tie a bow or figure out how to close it up neatly. So, I've been considering all sorts of enclosure systems, because I want this to be an on the go type of toy. Plus I love it when my kids toys are easily managed and all the pieces stay together. I like the little pouches for the game pieces, but as for the wontons, I'm not satisfied with my results.

I have this strange obsession with turning everything I make into a bag or purse of some type, and once again, I am toying with the idea of bagging this toy somehow. I woke up in the middle of the night, probably to nurse D, with the thought of adding another panel to the back of the board and viola! it's a bag! I guess it doesn't take genius to figure out how to make everything into it's own bag, but I sure do feel creative when I do! I'm undecided on whether I will include a strap and make it a purse, add two straps like a backpack, or leave it more like a little pillow with no straps at all.

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