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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hat displays

We are super excited about getting our hats ready to be sold in Orange Cat Photography Studio! They are moving into a great location close to downtown Hickory in an old house on 127.

Christa and I went by there last week and got a sneak peek at the space and how they will set up their handmade boutique shop within the photography studio. We left all a buzz thinking about how to display hats...

We used 2 quart sized mason jars as our displays at past craft fairs, and although that fits with our personal style and image, it just didn't fit in with a permanent display at a shop.

On the drive home, we talked about using Styrofoam heads covered in paper mache or fabric. Once at home I hopped on google. I found heads for $5, but then had to check myself...is purchasing new Styrofoam products part of the Keeperz creed?

So, I kept thinking...and googling...

And I thought, why not keep true to my calling and make something myself! So, I set out to look for ideas for making balls out of fabric and found this cute pattern on the purl bee:

But then I realized...I don't have tons of scrap fabric that I'd like to use, but I DO have a ton of scrap yarn...duh! I'll crochet something!

So I set off with that wonderful concoction of inspiration, determination and confidence...

I decided to combine all the images from my googling and make a head-like, but featureless form, crocheted and stuffed with recycled plastic bags: Viola!

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