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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New, Orange Happening!

The other night Melissa and I went over to Orange Cat Photo to check out their new space. Orange Cat is made up of two photographers, Dana Andreasson and Erica Harper, who used to have their studio space downtown on the Square in Hickory. They recently rented a new space on the corner of 127 and 2nd Ave NE. Such a neat, old house with lots of character and awesome lighting for some new photo opportunities on site! Yes, I know I am unashamedly promoting these ladies, but why not?! I actually only know Dana a bit and just met Erica that night. Their photos just have this amazing quality to them (as you can see with this wee man!) and their new house has great energy. ALSO, Dana did ask if Keeperz would be willing to sell some things in their new place. :) Of course Melissa and I are thrilled, honored, etc. Talk about a great motivator! Plus fall is right around the corner and we have yet to have a fall season trying to sell our hats as Keeperz. There is going to be one other retailer selling some pretty cool clothing there, Bada's Boutique (go "like" them on fb as they have a page too!). They have a store front in Newton, I'm pretty sure. We hope that Orange Cat does really well in their new space and that our products bring them (and us, let's be honest) more business. They are offering a great deal for the month of August, no session fee! For more details check out their website, blog, or fb page, links below.

One project we are excited to work on for Orange Cat is a display, well displays. We have to figure out the best way to have our hats and such scattered around the house so that they mesh with their style and ours. Melissa came up with some really fun ideas that I'm so glad she shared! I think we are both super pumped to get moving again. The summer heat and young children really make us tired and finding time to do anything besides basic home survival things is a challenge. However, we are up for it and are determined to make more time to get things rolling!

Orange Cat Photo will be having an Open House in August. Once we know the dates we'll let everyone know. If you are in the Hickory area be sure to come by!

Here's Orange Cat's info:


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