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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting organized AND inspired

Melissa here...So, Dillon is 7 weeks old now and everyone at my house is starting to get used to our new reality, but the house and my craft supplies have dearly suffered from neglect. This past weekend Ross and I decided to whip it into shape! Saturday morning I went out for some time out of the house and the kids and Ross stayed home and started the clean-up effort. When I returned, floors were cleaned, toys were put away, and all the appliances were humming away. That's where my work began...decluttering!

I gathered all my unfinished projects: a quilt that needs new backing, one of Ross's shirts that has a whole, a pair of my pants that needs mending, a Zoop Zoop hat that still needs eyes and bags and bags ready to be transformed into plarn. I hunted the house and found a decorative storage box that could become "the to do box" and set it on my hearth along with the famous pickle jar full of yarn balls.

Next on the list: Gather all the embroidery floss that has been scattered to the wind and put it all in an earring supply box. I found my thread box that my Mom put together when I went off to college, pulled out the zippers, bobbins, thread and fasteners, added the floss, ear wires, and earring cards and viola! I'm ready to make any earring any where I go!

Now, where do I put this thread? Oh, yeah! My new favorite storage device: Ball Jars! And while I was at it, I made a scissors, rulers, and measuring tape jar, too. For some reason, scissors and a ruler sticking out of the top of a jar is really inspiring to me...with a little fabric, those tools are the start of something new and wonderful...

And at last, where will I pull all this cotton yarn that becomes tea pots, tic tac toe sets and Zoop Zoop hats?

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