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Monday, May 24, 2010

Making a Sun Hat for Myself

Hi y'all! Melissa here. I'm taking a break from the plarn experiment to get ready for my annual beach trip with the fam. If you can believe it, I haven't made a hat for myself in over 2 years. Summer is upon us and I have already been sun burned twice! I'm determined to get into the sunscreen routine, but I also know I could use a sun hat. I've been eying the cotton raspberry yarn that I bought for Zoop Zoop hats and now I have decided that yarn is for me!

I'm designing an open weave hat with a wide brim. Here's the beginning:

Now to figure out how wide to make the brim...

Originally I wanted a really wide brim...but now I'm more concerned with making sure the brim doesn't become too floppy. I had a straw hat last year, and the super wide brim was great, until it lost it's shape and became some 80's looking Jane Fonda hat or something. So I've decided to go with a moderate brim:

Just enough to shade my face, but not so much that it's flopping all over me.

I added a little bit of detail to the brim to make it interesting:

And I'm calling it finished! I especially like to wear it with my teal earrings:


Suzie Stitches by the Seashore said...

Great hat! What type stitch is this? You mentioned "open weave," but, as a "newbee" on the scene, I wasn't sure if that was an actual stitch type/name or not. Thank you!

Keeperz said...

Thanks Suzie!

Nah, it's not the name of the stitch. I'm not aware of a name, but it probably has one. I just alternate double crochet pairs with chain spacing. Increasing and decreasing is a little tricky, so I pull out many, many rows before I have it just how I like it. Best wishes!

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