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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspiration from Art on the Avenue

Melissa here! So, Art on the Avenue was really fun and I definitely want to go to at least two more craft fairs this summer. I really enjoyed sharing our ideas and seeing so many people respond so well to our toys, earrings and hats. We were set up beside a guy who was doing amazing live art with spray paint, a lighter, and various sticks. The kids (and hubby and I) were so impressed with his work, that we traded a Zoop Zoop hat for a couple of pieces of his art that the kids had picked out.

However, my favorite part of the day happened when we returned home...R.and A. set straight to work, fully inspired by all the art they had seen that day.

A. walked right over to her sewing cabinet, pulled out her fabric, ran to her room and returned with three fully clothed stuffed animals. She said, "Hey Mom! Look at the incredible fabric! See, here I tucked it like this so that it's pants...and here I cut a little hole so that I can get it on and off my doll!" She went on and on, describing her process and how pleased she was with the results.

Meanwhile, R. was working away on the front porch on his "podge work" (translated project), which consisted of a piece of scrap lumber decorated with ribbon, sidewalk chalk, an old Starbucks cup, markers and a lid from an oatmeal container.

It should be no surprise that the kids would be just as inspired as I was, but it was just so fabulous to see them dive into expressing themselves without abandon! Thanks to everyone who came out to Art on the Avenue and inspired my kids (and me too!) to create!

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